Winter Holiday Tips

One of the worst problems that can occur during the winter months is for pipes to freeze due to the cold temperatures. This is perhaps the worse time of year for plumbing problems due to the holidays and colder temps. Around Thanksgiving and Christmas many households take part in numerous parties. Here are some ways to avoid plumbing emergencies during the busiest time of the year. Holiday guests can put a strain on the home’s plumbing since more showers will be taken, toilets will be flushed more and the kitchen will remain very busy.

Kitchen Tips

One of the worst household problems is a stopped up kitchen drain, especially during the holidays. There are several ways to properly care for your kitchen drain and keep it from getting clogged.

  • Run appliances like dishwashers and washing machines at night to save hot water and keep good water pressure for holiday guests
  • Keep hard to grind foods like poultry skin or pumpkin pulp out of the disposal
  • Turn the garbage disposal on before you add food waste
  • Run water in the drain for 15 seconds before and after using the disposal
  • Don’t pour oils or fats down the drain

Bathroom Tips

It is imperative to keep the bathroom in good working order during holidays. You will of course want your guests to be comfortable in your home. Here are some tips for helping keep the bathroom free from disaster and helping your guests have a pleasant stay in your home.

  • Good planning includes spreading showers out over the day
  • Wait at least 10 minutes between showers to ensure adequate hot water
  • Turn the hot water heater up to ensure hot water is retained (do not exceed 125 degrees)
  • Clean the shower head with vinegar to ensure proper water pressure

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