Tips for Summer

During the summer months, home sales soar. In many cases new homeowners are devastated to find out that their dream home has all sorts of water leaks or plumbing problems. Statistics indicate that nearly half of new home purchasers will have to call a plumber within the first year of the purchase. There are some helpful tips that can help ensure you do not have plumbing problems in your new home.

Bathroom Inspection

The bathroom has several plumbing fixtures: toilet, shower, and sink. This can mean that the smallest room in the house has more potential plumbing problems than almost any other area of the home. Here are the key areas of the bathroom to inspect before purchasing a home:

  • Inspect the base of toilets for signs of any water damage
  • Check the flooring under the toilet for any weakness
  • See how fast the toilet actually flushes and refills
  • Inspect the shower tiles to see if they are soft or loose
  • Always provide a trashcan in the bathroom so the toilet does not get used for a trash can

Kitchen Inspection

The kitchen is perhaps the second most likely room to have plumbing problems. Some simple acts of inspection can ensure that there are not potential problems that might have to be addressed at a later date.

  • Ensure that the garbage disposal and kitchen drain are tightened
  • Look inside cabinets to check for water damage
  • Ensure that traps or supply tubes do not leak

General Tips

Homes have many plumbing fixtures and it can be difficult to think of all of them. These are some tips to help you find the most common plumbing problems that might be lurking in a house:

  • Turn the water on in the bathtub and the kitchen sink to ensure adequate water pressure
  • Check the basement area for leaking or exposed pipes
  • See if the main line cleanout is accessible
  • Check the date on the water heater
  • Test the washing machine hoses for leaks

All of these areas should be inspected carefully. Also look for standing water which can be the result of leaky pipes, or broken pipes. Standing water isn’t healthy and can end up creating a very dangerous situation for children or pets. Carefully go through the house and look for signs of leaks before selling or purchasing a house.

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