Tips for Outdoor Maintenance

There are several outdoor areas that require maintenance to ensure that the home does not become water damaged. When outdoor plumbing fixtures or drainage fixtures are not maintained they can end up costing the homeowner a small fortune in repairs. The best way to prevent this additional cost is to properly maintain outdoor fixtures.

Outdoor Faucets

Most people use outdoor faucets and fixtures to water their lawns and gardens. They may also use these water sources for chores such as washing their house or their vehicle. If a leak happens to occur and remain unnoticed for awhile it can cost the homeowner extra money not only for repairs but in excessive water bills. Here are some ways to properly maintain outdoor water fixtures.

  • Check outdoor faucets to ensure that water flows freely
  • Outdoor faucets which have a slight leak may be cracked and should be replaced
  • Make sure hoses attach properly to the faucet

Removing Debris and Clogs

There are several areas outdoors which can cause homeowners a lot of headaches if they are not properly maintained. Here are some tips for outdoor maintenance:

  • Remove leaves and debris from gutter systems, downspouts and drains
  • Remove debris and leaves from window wells
  • Check plumbing like dryer vent pipes to ensure they are clear

Other Outside Maintenance

Depending on the external structure and design of a home or business there may be other factors that can inhibit proper drainage. Roots can wreak havoc in a drain line but can be easily taken care of by applying a root retardant into the line. Septic tanks should also be inspected as well as pumped ever 3 to 5 years to prevent having to replace a filter field.

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