Fall Tips

During the autumn months the temperature begins to dip down and a chill is in the air. This is just the precursor to the colder temperatures that are bound to occur when winter finally arrives. The best way to spend the cool fall days is to prepare your home’s plumbing for the colder winter months. There are plenty of ways to create a warmer environment for your family while saving money on utilities.

Outside the House

It’s important to prepare the outside portions of the home and any plumbing fixtures during the fall months. There are several things that can be done while the weather is nice enough to be outside. These tasks will help prevent pipes and fixtures from freezing and bursting when the temperatures begin to drop below freezing.

  • Disconnect water hoses
  • Check outside faucets to make sure they are not leaking
  • Clear any debris from the home’s gutters to ensure proper drainage
  • Cover any outside faucets with insulation kits to prevent freezing
  • Turn off interior shut off valves to outside faucets and drain outside lines

Inside Spaces

There are various areas of the home like the garage the basement or crawl space that will need special attention to make it safely through the winter. Here are some tips on fall preparations that can be made:

  • Do a thorough inspection of the sump pump and pit
  • Seal up any leaks around doors or windows
  • Insulate any pipes which are located in areas which are not heated like the garage or crawl space

Inside Your Home

After you have used the milder temperatures of fall to prepare the portions of the home where you do not spend most of your time, it’s time to ensure the inside plumbing fixtures and features are safe and secure as well. Here are some of the tasks which can be completed to ensure your home is comfortable and safe during the up and coming winter months:

  • Flush the water heater and perform a thorough inspection
  • Test the pressure relief valve on the water heater
  • Set the water heater’s temperature for 120 degrees

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