Drains that Need Unclogging

Clogged drains can disrupt a home or business and cause a major inconvenience. A professional plumber can usually unclog drains very quickly and have the home or office back up and running in no time. Having a professional who can help get things back to normal quickly can be very beneficial for everyone. Here are some of the things that homeowners and business owners should know about unclogging drains.

Clogged Drains in Residential Establishments

Clogged drains are simply one of those inconveniences of life that just cannot be avoided; everyone will face it at one time or another. There can be many different reasons that a drain becomes clogged in the first place such as something that wasn’t supposed to be in the drain to begin with. Plumbing professionals are trained and efficient at fixing all types of clogged drains. Some of the most common clogs occur in these areas:

  • Main Sewer Lines
  • Washing Machines
  • Garbage Disposals

These three can be real trouble spots for the homeowner. It’s important to note that the homeowner is responsible for sewer lines which touch their house and if the sewer line is clogged near the street they may still be responsible for repairs. Washing machine and garbage disposal mishaps can be avoided in many cases through proper maintenance.

Business Owners and Clogged Drains

Most of the time when we discuss clogged drains we think of a home kitchen sink or toilet. Even though in most cases, commercial entities do not have as many instances of clogged drains, when they do it can be a real disaster and a very challenging situation. It is important for the professional plumber to unclog the drains in a business and they must use professional tools in order to complete the task properly.

Professional Plumbers

When a drain is clogged, you have several recourse actions to take including:

  • Use a plunger to un-stop the drain
  • Apply a drain cleaner
  • Call a professional

It is usually advisable to call a professional for drains that become clogged or ones which become clogged on a regular basis. The plumbing professional will have the proper tools and expertise to know how to fix the problem permanently.

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