Demolition Services

For those who are looking for a demolition contractor in the Woburn, Massachusetts area, Mitchell Associates Inc., provides a wide variety of conventional and unconventional projects. We can demolish buildings, railroads, infrastructures, and also do specialty demolition services. Our past experience includes a wide variety of building demolition including hospitals, industrial plants, schools, houses, parking garages and many different types of commercial structures. Here are some questions commonly asked by our clients.

How do you deal with bureaucratic red tape issues?

Our many years of successful experience helps our professionals deal with the unique situations that can occur during demolition services.  We are very familiar with the various types of procedures which are required by local, state and federal governing agencies. We will carefully walk you through the process so that it remains as simple as possible and hassle free.

What about various environmental issues?

Mitchell Associates Inc., is staffed by knowledgeable personnel who know how to handle the variety of environmental issues that may occur during a demolition project. We are adept at properly handling situations such as:

  • Salvage value options
  • Shut down of utilities
  • Environmental issues
  • Parking lot removal
  • Any other unknown situations that might occur

One of our primary concerns is dealing properly with utilities which must be shut down for projects such as demolishing infrastructures.

What types of demolition services does Mitchell Associates Inc., perform?

Our experience spans a broad spectrum of demolition projects. Here are a few examples of demolition projects we have performed:

  • Bridges
  • Railroads
  • Water towers
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Schools
  • Retail structures

Will your crew observe proper safety guidelines?

Our professional contracting services include protecting items which must remain undamaged onsite. We also use the proper equipment to ensure that the site remains properly ventilated. We put every effort into making sure that projects run efficiently, safely and smoothly.

What types of demolition services do you provide?

Our crews are experienced in providing many different types of demolition services including but not limited to:

  • Commercial Demolition Services
  • Interior Demolition Services
  • Building Demolition Services
  • Parking Lot Removal Services
  • Bridge Demolition Services
  • Remodeling Demolition Services
  • Water Tower Demolition Services

Mitchell Associates Inc., is an experienced contractor and our staff has the experience and expertise to successfully complete demolition services of varying complexities.


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