Bathroom Tips

There is nothing as frustrating as having a bathroom that is malfunctioning. Even minor situations can be major setbacks in the family’s daily schedule. There are many different types of general maintenance tips which can help keep your bathroom in tip-top shape.

General Bathroom Tips

Here are several items that can be done routinely to ensure that your bathroom does not cause a disruption to your household routine.

  • Run very hot water down drains once per week to keep them free flowing
  • Repair leaky faucets quickly to avoid further damage
  • Use strainers in tubs and showers to catch soap chips and hair (clean them regularly)
  • Do not put trash in the toilet
  • Do not flush anything but waste and toilet paper down the commode

Maintaining a Showerhead

The showerhead is an essential fixture in today’s bathroom and it can be a major hassle if it becomes clogged or does not work properly. When the showerhead becomes clogged the spray can become uneven making for a very unpleasant shower. To maintain proper flow of the showerhead follow these sequential steps:

  • Unscrew the swivel ball nut carefully
  • Unscrew the color nut
  • Gently and carefully clean the outlet and inlet holes using a very thin wire
  • Flush the head out with clean water to remove residue
  • If there are lots of mineral deposits, soak the showerhead in vinegar overnight
  • The showerhead can now be reassembled

How to Test your Toilet for Leaks

There are several steps to checking your toilet to see if it is leaking. First you will want to check the tank’s water level to ensure that the water is not going through the overflow pipe. This pipe is located in the center of the tank. If the water is going into the overflow pipe, you will need to adjust the tank’s fill valve just until the water stops running into the overflow pipe. You can test the flush valve by putting just a few drops of any color of food coloring into the tank. Go back and check the toilet bowl in about 15 minutes. If the water which is in the bowl has changed to the color that was added, there is a leak and the flapper or ball will need to be replaced.

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